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1.About us: Shanghai Qianchen Biotechnology Company has been a leader in the distribution of full range molecular and cell biology reagents, consumable lab supplies, the consultation services on research projects and experimental techniques since 2006.

Headquartered in Shanghai China with branch office in Beijing, our sales has reached 10 million RMB in 2009 and is increasing at least 20% yearly since 2006. We plan opening two more offices in Nanjing and Hangzhou next year, which will allow us to cover all provinces in China. We also have a purchasing center in United States as well as two logistic centers in Shanghai and Beijing. This will guarantee products can be purchased in time and delivered to our customers quickly.

2. Our Customer Our customers are from universities, research institutions, hospitals, CDCs, pharmaceutical companies, as well as some manufactures in food and drug industries. We are now doing business with more than 3000 institutions, manufacturers and universities.

3. Our advantages Pre-sale consultation: Our sales and technical team will help customer finding appropriate products based on customer’s experiments and demands.

Quality control: All products will be delivered to customer strictly based on manufacture’s protocol to ensure the quality of products.

Post-sale customer service: Our sales staffs regularly return visiting customers, getting feedbacks, providing technique support for customers' problems and inquiries efficiently and timely.

Promotional activities: We regularly held exhibitions, seminars, workshops, trade shows, advertise on journals, internet and academic conferences. Our website is one of the mostly visited site in the industry.

4.Our responsibility: We have adapted our business to the changing environment in the business world. However, our dedication to the customer and our commitment to quality has remained constant.

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